The Finnish brand agency

About us

It all started in 2008, in Helsinki Finland. When two friends, Janne and Anssi created Werklig. They believed (and still believe) branding needs to grow up. Over a decade and 500 clients later, we are now a bigger group of friends, strategists, creative thinkers and designers. Genuine people who believe in a collaborative effort, where shared insights and dreams lead most probably to great results.  

How we do things


We all share one passion – branding. We approach it with Werklig’s field-tested methodology, rooted in our clients’ truths. We admit we are fiercely driven and hungry for success. But always transparent with our work and perspectives. It helps us build honest relationships with our clients, so we can create meaningful work and unconventional, fresh solutions.


People and culture

We have a saying: Things are good if you smile at least twice a day. When you enter the studio in the morning and when you open the door to your home. At Werklig there's an unspoken trust that allows us to be our odd selves, a precondition for any ingenious work. We draw our strength from different backgrounds, languages, talents and perspectives. A bunch of free-wheeling people who like to question pretty much everything.


Clients and industries

We cater to many verticals. Many many. From business to public. Proof that our brand tools have a universal quality. At least on earth.

Destination branding

City of Helsinki
Amos Rex
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Drinks and food: FMCG branding

Kyrö Distillery Company
65 Oats
Vanhakylä Gård
Cider Supply Co.
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Healthcare, sport, beauty and wellbeing branding

Gymondo GmbH
Henua Organics
Senja Cosmetics
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Museum and cultural institute branding

Aalto University
Finnish Institute
EMMA (Espoo Museum of Modern Art)
Design Forum Finland
Amos Rex
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Real estate, construction and architecture branding

JKMM Architects
PC Rettig & Co Real Estate AB
Inaro Architecture
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Sustainability branding

Plugsurfing GmbH
Pure Waste Textiles
Mö Oat Dairy
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Awards and recognitions

Over the years the work we have done with our clients has been widely recognised.