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Villa & Peite: Weaving pure dreams

Villa & Peite: Weaving pure dreams

Nearly a hundred years ago in Pori, Villa & Peite was founded. A family-owned business specializing in sleep and all-natural materials. Manufactured in Finland, with love. The rebranding became topical once the fifth generation, laid-back & brilliant Ville Viinikka, took the reins.

Workshopping with Ville and his team in the cosy factory filled with all things fluffy, soft and natural smelling, we distilled the brand strategy into one calming concept:

Villa & Peite — the weaver of pure dreams. Creator of beds that cherish sleep, people and the planet.

The new identity is an interpretation of their deep set values: Unwavering, Clear and Liberated. At the heart of the concept is the union of breathing, natural materials and deep slumber.

"We felt both challenged and heard."

“Our collaboration with Werklig has been a success. Their process was both calming and exciting, providing us with an opportunity to step back and reflect; which ultimately moved us forward. Engaging and listening to our entire staff — from the warehouse to the production floor — proved extremely valuable. We felt both challenged and heard. The rebranding has transformed how we make daily decisions and provided us with a platform to communicate not only what we do, but also who we are and what we stand for."

– Ville Viinikka, CEO, Villa & Peite

Slow, calm breath is present in the temperate colors derived from the pure materials, the contrasting typography, the refreshing photographs and the airy compositions of all the aforementioned.

A big, softly muffled shout out to Juho Huttunen and Mikael Niemi @duotone for the bed-hopping and sleep-inducing photos.

Villa & Peite, and all the sleeping beauty of their bedding, lives and breaths in tune with the brand’s purpose — All for a bright mind! — after a night well slept.

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