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Vaisala: The galactic climate tech company

Vaisala: The galactic climate tech company

For close to 90 years and counting, Vaisala has been scientifically luminous since the get-go. Many know about the balloons in the atmosphere, yet the company has evolved from crafting weather instruments to leading the global climate action through intelligent tech. As they say, from factories to galleries and galaxies.

Back in the '30s, Vaisala was the coolest start-up in Finland, with founder Vilho Väisälä supplying MIT with groundbreaking radio sondes. Keeping that spirit alive, Vaisala today creates a huge array of technologies that measure and make sense of the physical world. Providing instruments and intelligence across the planet and beyond, including some of the grimmest conditions in the galaxy.

To build and expand Vaisala’s reputation as the leader in climate action, the company has partnered with Werklig for a bold brand renewal—both strategically and creatively.

Together, we’ve crafted a sharp brand strategy, topped with a bright new purpose. Transitioning from the slightly passive "Observations for a better world" to the forward-leaning and climate battle-ready "Taking every measure for the planet."

Every asset and every application can now embody Vaisala’s behaviors: pioneering, curious, and committed.

The fresh and comprehensive new identity includes a valuable future asset for years to come: a bespoke Vaisala Sans font. Toolkits spanning sound, motion, and iconography enable a multisensorial rollout across channels and audiences.

An encyclopedia of the brand is captured in a mere 240 pages of guidelines! It’s up there as one of the most comprehensive tomes (albeit digital) we’ve made. Every asset and every application can now embody Vaisala’s behaviors: pioneering, curious, and committed.

It’s true and fair to say that from Antarctica to Mars.

Vaisala’s innovations are used daily by people, industries, and nations. They turn measurements into intelligence, making the invisible conditions around us, visible. Why? From a safe airplane take-off to Mona Lisa’s smile to vaccination safety and factory emission control, Vaisala’s role is critical in securing operations, saving resources, cuttings pollutants, and protecting life.

Making the invisible visible

The motion system unveils the particles around us; making the invisible visible while transforming measurements into intelligence. 

The kinetic particles serve as an inspiration and a tool that brings the identity to life while highlighting Vaisala’s behaviors: pioneering, curious and committed.

Motion through particle behaviors



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