Sitko Pizza
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Sitko: A dissident pizza co

Sitko: A dissident pizza co

Gold, Identity @ Vuoden Huiput 2022
Silver, Image @ Vuoden Huiput 2022
Best of Food @ Dieline Awards 2022
Grand Prix, Design @ Red Dot Awards 2022
Silver, Design @ Cresta Awards 2022
Gold, Design, Photography @ ADCE Awards 2022
Gold, Design, Corporate Brand Identity @ ADCE Awards 2022
Finalist, Branding category @ Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2023

Sitko is a pizza and innovation company doing its own thing. Sourdough craft without the clichéd references and with deep roots in (sub)cultures. Our brief was to “sprinkle on some punk rock”.  And like punk, Sitko’s brand is a performance. A special brew, a cultural hodgepodge, an act with an unapologetic attitude.

The challenge

Not another cliché

Sitko needed a brand strategy and a distinct visual identity, to help them differentiate from the vast ocean of oh-so-clichéd artisan pizzerias and also allow Sitko to expand into other product groups and retail products.

How to define a foundation and different elements to an entity that would give a fast middle finger if you even tried to define it as a brand. How to be against the establishment, while becoming a stable item.

We took a cultural and culinary journey to find out what is true to the core, what is original and what it means to work for thousands of hours to create something that is simply better.

The solution

Celebration of cultures

The identity celebrates a company that refuses to be stereotyped or classified, but boldly draws influences from various sources and creates something completely new with an unapologetic attitude. Subcultural phenomena and art movements have inspired Sitko.

We created a brand photography concept that honours pizza dough and the ingredients, like true art-pieces.

Our approach builds on the different meanings of the word culture – the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a population, the arts and other manifestations of human achievements, and the microbial environment of bacteria and other microbes that dough needs. All of which are closely related to what Sitko is and what Sitko does.

The impact

Unapologetic performance

Sitko is sourdough pizza craft with a burning desire to do things on its own terms. Just like a punk rock show, Sitko’s brand is a vigorous performance. A cultural hodgepodge, an act with an unapologetic DIY attitude.

Pizza is the answer – what was the question?

The identity stretches through media like a dense and elastic mass of dough.

Sitko Pizza


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