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Komero: Always heavy on the beautiful veg

Komero: Always heavy on the beautiful veg

Gold, Package Design @ Vuoden Huiput 2022

Komero, a ready-meal startup from Finland's Eastern capital Kuopio, is founded on a simple insight. And we've all been there. Staring at the supermarket shelves at the end of the day; desperate to pick up something quick and easy, exciting to the tastebuds yet responsibly healthy. And failed. I mean, who gets their daily quota of vegetables, ever? In true start-up spirit, Komero had its ups and downs, pivots and repivots, until landing on the winning concept and supermarket shelves. A mouth-wateringly tasty, healthy, ready-to-eat meal that’s also better for the planet — seemingly an oxymoron — was gaining momentum. Werklig joined the young, hungry, and fast-moving team to renew the brand at a critical juncture.

The desperate, starving eyes looking for a quick fix

The supermarket aisles are crammed with ready-to-eat meals — infamous for their health and environmental benefits (or lack thereof). How to stand out, tell your story and convince — in those few minutes — the desperate, starving eyes scanning for a quick fix?

The solution

The only meal accelerator in the world

The brand-new positioning is at the heart of the creative solution — the only meal accelerator in the world. With a singular mission: feeding the hungry everyday achievers while saving time, the environment, and the heart. Always heavy on the beautiful veg.

As with everything Werklig does, the work starts and ends with the values. Komero's are well aligned to the quintessential characteristics of eastern Finns, the tribe of "savolaiset". Affable, but stealthily sharp, all for progress, who actually give a shit about others. This is the soul of the whole identity, visual and verbal. And the North Star for how Komero always behaves.

The meal accelerator on a mission to save your time, the environment and many hungry hearts

The jewel of the brand is the new logo, with its letters perfectly crammed into a "cupboard." (That is komero in English.) It represents the frenzied love Komero has for food and innovation. The logo is big and bold — splashed across a diverse range of packages now available on your nearest supermarket shelves.

For us starving everyday achievers lost in the supermarkets —  the days of desperation are over.

Apart from the sparkly Gold award the Komero packaging won from the Finnish marketing establishment, Vuoden Huiput 2022, Komero continues its journey of invention — now with some snappy new brand tools at hand. Whatever new change-food comes out of the meal accelerator, it will join a beautiful, healthy family, free of heart conditions.

For us starving everyday achievers lost in the supermarkets — the days of desperation are over.



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