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Fyra: Spaces for belonging

Fyra: Spaces for belonging

In their quest to grow stronger beyond Finland, the interior architecture and design agency Fyra felt it was high time for a renewal. To clarify the brand, its direction, and aspirations for the years ahead.

Together, we set off to strategize and design a brand that would express to the max Fyra's research-based design philosophy and credentials as a leading advocate for responsible spatial design. Always with a whole heart poured in.

Painting the picture first with words of what you want to become famed for is the critical first step towards making that future happen. Basically, what a brand strategy really comes down to - finding the perfect words.

For new, present and future Fyra that means being thinkers of built spaces, creating environments where people belong.

With words come visuals. The new identity embodies Fyra's collective spirit and bright, real and gutsy values in all their power and nuance.

A contextually fitting, confidently spacious and and a very Fyra concept was crafted to set the agency apart from the common genre of architectural offices. Ready for the world domination.

"Working with Werklig was a joy!”

“Through collaborative workshops and assignments, Werklig made us really think what is our essence, what is our narrative. Working with Werklig was a joy!”

– Hanna Neuvo, CEO, Fyra

The visual spaciousness allows eyes to focus on individual elements. There’s room for creation of contrasts and volume with layout and interface design, bright accent colors and gutsy typography. An adaptive logo and immersive photo concept are all about defining and enhancing the space.

Why? The audience’s ability to discover and notice is heightened.

Over the decade, Fyra has grown over fivefold. The collective spirit of the we-company never allowed to change, the values shared and held dear. Ideas of equity and everyone belonging are in the Nordic soil and soul. It’s Fyra’s special springboard for considering an environment by its every user.

The same openness, authenticity and approachability are at the core of the company photo concept, drawing the viewer into the Fyra family. A narrative style that feeds the imagination and leaves things open works beautifully in documenting the Fyra way.

The industry needs rethinkers of built spaces. The structures need radical modernizing. Better human habitats need making with less. Right up the Fyra alley then.



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  • Riikka Kantinkoski
    David Jakob
  • Claudia Cifu