VEEN natural waters & beverages

VEEN is a premium beverage company from Finnish Lapland focusing on natural waters and high-quality beverages. VEEN has natural spring water sources and bottling plants in two of the most remote and unpolluted parts of the world – the Arctic Wilderness of Finnish Lapland and the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.

VEEN bottles are made of extra flint crystal clear glass, which makes them 100% recyclable. After collecting used bottles, the glass is used as material for other high-end glass products. VEEN is fully recycled in Finland.

We have repositioned the VEEN brand by doing a complete brand strategy and visual design overhaul. Today VEEN has built a recognised, distinct and award-winning brand in the premium beverages market.

The VEEN brand and business is operated as a group of three companies with two individual water sources and two bottling plants currently catering to 16 different countries. The group currently employs 54 full time people based in 6 countries.



Brand strategy
Packaging and publications


Olli Häkkinen
Koski Syväri
Kirsikka Simberg