Vanhakylä Gård

Vanhakylä Gård is a manor established in Sastamala central Finland in 1751. The new owner of the manor was uncomfortable with the rotting apples in the yard and decided to start a juice business. Starting the business was driven by passion and curiosity; there was no previous experience running a juicery. At the same time, the Vanhakylä Gård's accommodation, café and event services were established. The manor needed an identifiable identity and distinctive packaging for the juices and other products added to the line - all derived from the local nature and surroundings.

A smorgasbord of illustrations and symbols in varying styles, seemingly made at different times, Vanhakylä Gård’s visual identity is a sweet blend of heritage & modernity. The old manor’s surroundings, attributes and inhabitants serve as a foundation for the visual elements. Random yet deliberate, the identity conveys Vanhakylä Gård’s precious history, rich nature & open-minded experimentation - the ingredients for making the world’s best apple juice.

Vanhakylä Gård


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