Senja Cosmetics

Senja Cosmetics is a premium beauty brand based in Helsinki, founded by Senja Parkkinen. The high-performing, 100% natural premium skin care products with unique active ingredients are manufactured in Finland, the cleanest country in the world.

We designed a visual identity and packaging to communicate the all-natural and contemporary nature of Senja’s products. Minimalistic and sleek logotype is combined with dark and muted tones from the harsh Finnish environment. A dash of colour was added through a vivid gradient that was inspired by Aurora Borealis - the arctic northern lights.

The minimalistic packaging is supported by artistic imagery with nature-inspired sculptures adding ingredients used in the products. Each image has its own character, reflecting different parts of the country: forests of the east, the moorlands of Lapland, the archipelago & plains of the west.

Senja Cosmetics


Art direction
Packaging and publications


Tiina Eronen (case study photography)
Aleksi Tikkala