Kuura Cider

Kuura Cider is an artisanal cider from Finland that makes real cider from 100% Finnish apples, nothing more and nothing less. The sortiment consists of real ciders, bubble cider made using the champagne technique and Ice Cider through which you can taste the frost bite.

”Kuura” means ”frost” in Finnish, so the name was used as a visual reference for all branding and packaging design. The Kuura Cider logo resembles a snowflake and it is used in various floating positions, falling down like a snowflake.

Labels and materials are predominantly pure frosty white, with subtle ice-like accents. All physical materials were chosen to amplify the premium quality of the products.

Kuura Cider


Art direction
Packaging and publications


Olli Häkkinen
Aleksi Tikkala