Jonas Granfors

Jonas Granfors is a Finnish artisan carpenter based in Vaasa. He creates hand made wooden articles and accessories in his workshop combining traditional handcraft with bold innovation resulting in artistic yet practical objects.

We designed Jonas’ personal brand to help him in his mission to renew traditional woodworking and to put Finnish carpentry on the world map. Jonas takes inspiration from old tradition and the forms found in nature so we created him a mark based on his name, Granfors, that literally means ”river spruce” in Swedish.

For an artisanal brand a fitting photography and styling are an absolute must. Today’s consumers are demanding and perfect image styles needed for perfect products. To do this we paired an unpretentious and rustic photographic style with earthly colors. This gives the Jonas Granfors brand a distinct personality that also reflects his working philosophy and style.

Jonas Granfors


Art direction
Packaging and publications
Digital products


Lassi Hakkinen