Evermade needed to define a strong brand strategy, story and identity to stand out from the competition and to attract & retain talent. They needed our help to better express the passion and excitement that was deeply present, but not shown enough outwards. By defining the brand values, positioning, future ambition and purpose for Evermade, we created solid foundations for the brand.

The key design drivers were developed based on those brand foundations, which enabled us to create a unique identity that expressed what Evermade is truly about. Honesty, curiosity, mastery and heartfelt as the values of Evermade made a solid base for the new identity.

The logo was designed to be simple and systematic, with a balanced contrast of round and sharp shapes. The grid is one of the other essential elements of the identity, binding the geometric typography and curiosity evoking illustrations together. It’s rooted in the Swiss design legacy of functional mastery and leaving base structures proudly & honestly visible. The color palette brings a heartfelt touch to the identity. It has warm and gentle energyand is designed to evoke harmony. Faded tints for the grids softens their strict functionality.

The chosen brand type for Evermade, Geometric Sans, is a perfect match with the grid, also inspired by the Swiss heritage. Supporting free font, Poppins, shares the feel of Geometric Sans and works with all the native Google apps Evermade uses in their pipeline.

The illustration style expresses the curiosity & heartfelt nature of Evermade. It adds an overall sense of humanity with the imperfect lines and whimsical style. The photographic style and human portraiture reflect all Evermade’s values: honesty, curiosity, mastery and heartfelt. The approach demonstrates individual quirks, warmth towards one another, passion for the craft and a shared sense of fun.

The design process and decision making were deeply collaborative with Evermade. After finalising the base identity they continued to apply the sytem and elements to create their bold and dynamic website in-house.



Brand strategy
Strategic analysis
Creative analysis
Art direction


Evermade (photo and illustrations)