European Registrars Conference 2014

The European Registrars Conference is a forum for information, discussion and networking among museum professionals as registrars, collection managers, curators and conservators together with participants from the shipping, insurance and database industries. The topics of the conferences often relates to the area funding, collection management and care, insurance, couriering, transport, security and custom regulations.

The conference has been held every second year since 1998 in London, Paris, Rome, Wolfsburg, Madrid, Basel, Amsterdam, Edinburgh. In 2014 the event was held in Helsinki. The conference needed a flexible, functional and distinguishable identity that we were happy to provide.

Due to long design span (first applications were launched already in 2012) the identity elements were chosen with a strict discipline: a limited color range using only red, black and white and a vernacular and available typeface (Verdana, used also as a customised version, mixing letterforms from Radim Pesko’s Lyno font in it). Red color was chosed as an opposite to blue (the most obvious color for representing Finland).

We created a living identity of lines that were always circling, overlapping and moving in an unpredictable way. The lines represented the registrars’ work: moving art and goods from A to B. These lines were used as a static elements (always different from application to another) as well as in animations during the conference.

European Registrars Conference


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