65 Oats

Located in Utajärvi northern Finland, at the 65th parallel north, 65 Oats is the northernmost oat mill in the world. Founded by Armi Kinnunen in 1962, the family-owned Kinnunen Mill soon became one of the five largest commercial mills in Finland. Now run by the third generation, 65 Oats is one of the very few strictly gluten-free oat mills in the world, using state-of-the-art technology.

Our collaboration with the company began in 2017 when we developed the brand strategy and name for 65 Oats, even before the construction of the new oat mill had started. The mill’s location served as the perfect inspiration for the name, also communicating one of the unique features of the brand.

The brand images, depicting the harsh, beautiful northern nature, the extended Kinnunen family and the newly constructed mill, reflect the core values: heritage, northern exposure, first-class quality and responsibility.

The rich photographic narrative acts as a contrast to the otherwise minimal visual language, such as the dark blue and white colors and the elegant typography. Best seen on the visually striking packaging of the world’s purest oats.

65 Oats


Brand strategy
Marketing strategy
Art direction
Digital products
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Mikko Ryhänen
Riku Karjalainen