Kyrö Distillery Company

Finns like to conceive ideas while in a sauna. That’s where the story of Kyrö Distillery Company began in 2012. Five guys started to wonder why there isn’t a rye distillery in Finland and that there should be one. Werklig has been Kyrö Distillery Company’s strategic brand partner from the very beginning.

The brand and visual identity needed to reflect whisky culture but also the distillery’s local roots and heritage. For this reason all brand elements are filled with (hidden) stories. 

For example, Kyrö’s custom typeface “Napue Sans” was designed from old Napue battle memorial monument engravings (right next to the distillery building), giving a true historical and local flair for the identity. Kyrö "Seal of Approval" is based on Isokyrö town coat of arms that has a bear in it, hugging a tree. In Kyrö’s version bear is replaced with a seal (pun intended) hugging a bottle. The letters used in seal are all rendered from Isokyrö medieval church wall paintings.


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