Amos Rex

Amos Rex – a new contemporary art museum – is a new landmark for Helsinki. Or as The New York Times puts it; Amos Rex is Helsinki’s new homegrown star. And it has surely been a success. The amount of visitors has exceeded all expectations and the lines outside the museum have been endless.

Werklig developed both the brand strategy and visual identity of the museum. The strategy, that sets the base for all communication, was created with the whole personnel involved. The visual identity takes cues from the architecture, both new and old. The logotype is based on the old neon signs, characteristic to the Lasipalatsi building built in the 1930's and the calm identity is brought to life by an animation concept, derived from the domes of the underground exhibition halls.

“It is as if the museum didn’t quite agree to go underground, and it’s somehow bubbling up into the square.” Asmo Jaaksi, JKMM Architects

Amos Rex


Brand strategy
Art direction
Packaging and publications
Digital products



Angel Gil
Aleksi Tikkala
Tuomas Uusheimo

Web Developement

Creuna Finland


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