Client Manager or Director


Job opening

An unconventional, hungry and ingenious Client Manager or Director – with a real knack for creating unity between people

A Client Manager or Director is the best friend of our clients, our people, and the project plans. In their capable hands, the brand work flourishes — in schedule, scope and budget. They make sure the clients are heard, understood and delivered the world-class strategic and creative work that our teams are experts at. Part and crucial parcel of this role is to keep the spirit of our people in a place where their gifts thrive.  

Werklig loves a long-term relationship with clients. The Client Manager or Director is at the heart of that special bond developing beautifully and mutually. Helping clients identify the areas where Werklig's skills come indispensably handy, is our kind of selling. The person we are looking for is really into a bit of complex challenge. A challenge to pick lovingly apart and into solvable pieces and phases.

Before you ask! The difference between a Manager and Director comes down to experience. Manager is a confident doer, who will be on a steep learning curve warmly supported by the rest of Werklig's client team. Openness, flexibility, and curiosity will take them far. Director has more years under their belt and will actively develop new tools and processes, help others learn, and take business development forward with the other leaders. On that famous path of good-kind-of growth. Strong business acumen and a deep understanding of profitability are worthy skills.

We are happy to discriminate positively for the obvious benefits of diversity. To both our business, our clients' business and the Werklig culture.

A few specs as pointers below. Please don't take them as a reason not to apply if the above otherwise resonates. Maybe you've worked in an agency, maybe for a brand, either way, we are interested.


  • 3+ years experience
  • Led projects with demanding stakeholders
  • Into reporting data
  • Experience in a variety of channels, from digital to offline
  • Fluent in Finnish & English


  • 8+ years experience
  • 2+ years leadership role
  • Led projects with demanding stakeholders
  • Reporting data proficient
  • Experience in a wealth of channels from digital to offline
  • Fluent in Finnish & English

If you got all the way here, you are clearly interested. Don’t be shy, send an email to

P.S. The adjectives on the headline are also our values and code 😊. Unconventional, hungry, ingenious and united.